Secretary's Flashpan

Welcome to the Secretary's Flashpan.

The Club is open from June 14th 2020 for members only and by appointment booked  through the Secretary. All currently approved Guest Days are cancelled for 2020. Some may be re arranged later  as circumstances permit.

The Way into the SOSP&RC range: We are located at Bone Mill Quarry off the Minster Road Stourport On Severn-A451 Postcode DY13 8AS


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For the latest informaton on Covid 19 click on the picture below

Dear Members,

1) The Club will close at 12.00 on Wednesday 18th March for the foreseeable future. There will be NO SHOOTING FOR ANYONE.  N.B: this is an order from our Chairman, not a request .

2) Eley Speed Steels shooters must read the attached notice. All other Club competitions are suspended/postponed/cancelled, depending on how long we are closed.

3) The range will be inspected for security at irregular intervals and some basic maintenance (grass cutting etc) undertaken by our contractor to keep the range ready for our return..

As I said before, polish your firearms and make plenty of ammo! I hope to see you all before too long. Best wishes, Chris

Coronovirus, Covid-19 Update:


The number of cases in the community and in our membership are likely to increase significantly as the epidemic plays out in the UK.

  • If you have EITHER a fever, high temperature OR a new cough OR BOTH then self isolate for 7 days – STAY AT HOME DO NOT VISIT THE CLUB.
  • You should treat the club premises as a public space – You should assume that COVID19 is present in the membership. This is because many carriers of the virus show no symptoms but may be contagious. Keep your distance from others.
  • If you are a vulnerable person either through age, (most of us!) or pre existing medical condition or treatment (most of the rest of us!) you should seek guidance from your healthcare professional or NHS111, they will help you to decide if attendance at the club is advisable, please follow their guidance.
  • If you are unable to contact them or are unsure, then please play safe and DO NOT ATTEND
  • If you do decide to attend the Club, remember that our hand washing facilities are very limited. Bring your own soap or hand gel and wash your hands thoroughly on arrival and after signing in
  • Carry tissues and use them if you need to sneeze or cough, and TAKE THEM HOME. Do NOT put them in any bin on Club premises.
  • The virus survives on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, if you cough or sneeze onto hard surfaces please clean them before you leave, kitchen cleaner with bleach and cleaning roll will be made available in The Shed if I can find any in the shops. If no cleaner, don’t sneeze!

We have a significant number of older members who are likely to suffer the worst effects of this pandemic. Please be considerate. Keep your distance.

Guest Days for April, May and June are CANCELLED.

N.B. The minimum number of members to use the Range is: 2 full adult members, at least 1 of whom must be a Stourport-approved Range Officer, not shooting.

For the time being, the range may be opened and members may attend according to club rules. If any changes are needed, I will let you know.

Midland League Match cards are ready to collect in The Shed. Arrangements should be in hand soon to cope with any delays that arise.

If you stay at home, polish your firearms and make plenty of ammo for a good shoot when this is all over!!

Happy shooting Chris