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Welcome to the Secretary's Flashpan.

Good evening to you all. ( 27/01/2022)

Dear Members.
A date of Monday the 21st February has been set to hold the 2022 AGM at the Phoenix suite, Stourport Sports Club between 19:30 hrs and 21:30 hrs. All members are encouraged to attend and participate. More information and agenda will be made available prior to the event.
Clive Mildner
Hon. Secretary

Change of Club Secretary

Valued Members, good morning.

 As you are all aware, after many years of dedicated service Chris Gray has decided to relinquish the post of Club Secretary and is moving on to take the position of Chairman, recently vacated by Ken Fellows who will move to Club President. Following on from the recent ballot the post of Secretary will now be taken up by myself.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Chris and Ken for their hard work and dedication to the Club over the years, most of which goes unheralded and unnoticed but is vital and necessary for the continued running of the Club, enabling the membership to continue shooting year on year. Though Chris is moving on to fill the role of Chairman I will without doubt rely and call upon his wealth of historic Club knowledge and experience in the coming months. My depth of shooting knowledge does not encompass all and every aspect or discipline practiced at the Club, but I am keen to understand and support, even if not a participant in each. I have a great enthusiasm for all shooting sports and my wish for the future is to promote shooting in all forms and disciplines whenever and wherever possible and to continue to grow the Club and its activities as my predecessors have done in previous years.
 I would also like to give recognition to the work carried out by The Committee and other volunteers which I greatly appreciate and am looking forward to being more actively involved.  
Clive Mildner

Dear Members,
1) You are very welcome to try some practical shooting coaching as a total or partial novice this Sunday on B range
Learn & shoot.  
All the fun without the competitive hassle
Volunteer helper also welcome/needed
Contact Rob Forbes  

B range will be used to provide some coaching on Practical Shooting in general

1: Procedures

2: Safe Firearms Handling

3: Competitions types

4: Essential equipment, other than a firearm.

5: Regulatory Bodies that govern practical shooting

Also some shooting. Club ,22” Ruger available from Clive on  

I have 4 people who have said they want to come along...

I can cope with 2 more willing persons....

I have an able assistant as well.

I expect the process to take at least 2 hours. 

Regards Rob

Coronovirus, Covid-19 Update:


The number of cases in the community and in our membership are likely to increase significantly as the epidemic plays out in the UK.

  • If you have EITHER a fever, high temperature OR a new cough OR BOTH then self isolate for 7 days – STAY AT HOME DO NOT VISIT THE CLUB.
  • You should treat the club premises as a public space – You should assume that COVID19 is present in the membership. This is because many carriers of the virus show no symptoms but may be contagious. Keep your distance from others.
  • If you are a vulnerable person either through age, (most of us!) or pre existing medical condition or treatment (most of the rest of us!) you should seek guidance from your healthcare professional or NHS111, they will help you to decide if attendance at the club is advisable, please follow their guidance.
  • If you are unable to contact them or are unsure, then please play safe and DO NOT ATTEND
  • If you do decide to attend the Club, remember that our hand washing facilities are very limited. Bring your own soap or hand gel and wash your hands thoroughly on arrival and after signing in
  • Carry tissues and use them if you need to sneeze or cough, and TAKE THEM HOME. Do NOT put them in any bin on Club premises.
  • The virus survives on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, if you cough or sneeze onto hard surfaces please clean them before you leave, kitchen cleaner with bleach and cleaning roll will be made available in The Shed if I can find any in the shops. If no cleaner, don’t sneeze!

We have a significant number of older members who are likely to suffer the worst effects of this pandemic. Please be considerate. Keep your distance.

The Way into the SOSP&RC range: We are located at Bone Mill Quarry off the Minster Road Stourport On Severn-A451 Postcode DY13 8AS


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For the latest informaton on Covid 19 click on the picture below

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