The Grand Power K22 is made in Slovakia and was designed as a training weapon, utilizing cheap .22 rimfire ammunition but having the same basic frame and controls as their 9x 19mm centre fire pistols. CCA saw the potential as a UK legal long barrelled firearm and Grand Power make the CAA K22 version for them. The Caledonian Classic Arms Grand Power K22 is one of the few LBPs that feels like a pistol, you can even shoot it one-handed.The centre of balance even in LBP UK legal mode is within the trigger guard. Grand Power pistols are used in law enforcement as well as competition shooting U.K. RRP £915.00 (£980 moderator version)

The Heckler Koch [Walthar manufactured] 416 .22 rimfire is a well-built rifle lighter than the full-bore version but it has the same ergonomic feel. All aluminium construction and functional picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913 rail) really sells to its value. The rimfire carbine is by far more rugged than the GSG-5. The forward-assist and BHO are cosmetic although it does have a BHO when the magazine is empty. Pulling back on the charging handle releases it. Functional push-pin breakdown and dust-cover are a plus. The rifle furniture is very impressive. Rugged plastic with functional and useful storage compartments. The internals are on par for with the original models. The barrel [not match barrel] in my opinion is this firearm's weakness but then its is designed as a fun shoot "plinker" and not a Tactical Combat Weapon. The Heckler and Koch HK416 D10RS .22 LR retails in the U.K for around £737.99 GBP from a UK firearms dealer.

The Southern Gun Company’s 223 Lever Release Rifle, designated by the manufacturers SGC as the LR223, is basically a modified Eugene Stoner's AR15 semi-automatic based on a remarkably simple concept. The rifle has a latch that catches the bolt and holds it rearward when opened. A lever on the left side of the receiver, easily manipulated by a right-handed shooter’s thumb, releases the bolt, which slams forward. If a loaded magazine is present, a round will be chambered by the closing of the bolt. Despite the rhetoric spin doctoring out there by those who should know better, this firearm remains UK legal. U.K. RRP £3534.04.00

The Umerex HK [Walthar built] MP5  pistol grip, cocking handle and outline are all HK with genuine HK sight, rotating-diopter rear sights with four apertures. The sight is fully adjustable and makes for excellent hit probability. The front sight is about 0.65 inches thick, and inside the packing carton is a spare front-sight blade for fine adjustment. The stock is high quality and folds neatly into the receiver. The MP5 .22 is only 27 inches folded and 32.5 inches overall with the stock fully extended and locked. it is tight and solid without any rattle or play. A well made and quite accurate rifle. U.K. RRP £540.00

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 .22 comes with adjustable/removable front and rear sights. Like with all railed AR platforms, S&W have come a long way in terms of quality control for their Armalite Rifle 15 products; they’ve brought production back in-house to excellent effect via their high strength polymer upper and lower receiver equipped rifle. I must admit I prefer old school aluminium uppers and lower receivers but hey, to each their own. M&P15 Rifles are the ideal modern sporting rifle.  Built to perform multiple uses under various conditions, M&P15 Rifles are as versatile as they are reliable.   Engineered for a wide variety of recreational, sport shooting and professional applications, M&P15 Rifles are easy to accessorize, but hard to put down. M&P15 Rifles are lightweight and rugged embodying the best combination of function and form. Apart from the odd malfunctions with the breech not locking back when empty, this rifle is accurate and a must have. U.K. RRP £750.00

The Southern Gun Company’s LR9 Lever Release Rifle looks like an M4/CAR15, though uses SGC’s new full billet upper and lower receiver set, which is solid but heavy. Some of the controls are altered to suit the mechanism, the mag released is still in the same place and the 25-round Uzi clip free falls from the well when it’s pressed. The safety though the same style of lever has been re-positioned on the right above the trigger. On the left where it would be is the all-important lever release (LR). Mounted parallel to the action it’s a big, rectangular paddle that hinges at the rear and is pushed down by the firing hand thumb. U.K. RRP £1581.00.00