Home Office Consultation 2019

From: Richard Law <richard.law@btinternet.com>
Date: 30 July 2019 at 16:37:04 BST
To: Elizabeth Law <elizabethlaw70@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Home Office consultation

The Home Office has launched its consultation on the new statutory guidance, slotting it neatly into the Parliamentary summer recess so your MPs won't be at their desks.
The current guidance, it would seem, the police don't have to have regard for: judging by their attitude in the January FELWG meeting about expanding medicals to every applicant everywhere at applicants' cost. The plan seems to be to get FELWG's unlawful intentions enshrined in the revised guidance thus making them lawful. You couldn't make it up, but you can record your views by replying to the Home Office.
Richard Law
See: https://tinyurl.com/yxob2rcd 

In a nutshell, this is not a consultation but enforcement without any consideration to the British Shooters or a valid justification such as former test cases. But it does make it a whole lot more expensive for the British Shooter assuming your GP is not biased against shooting sports and difficult to obtain or to renew a firearms licence by forcing more draconian legislation through the back door without any real justification.