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February 2019 Newsletter

Please remember ID Cards and Lanyards MUST be worn and visible at all times when at the Range.


Into February, and Christmas already seems a long time ago.  We are already looking forward to the Spring and Summer, and an exciting year for Stourport Pistol & Rifle Club, with the usual competitions and events supplemented by the 3 Eley Steel Plate Challenge Matches.  

If you are interested in shooting in the Eley Matches contact Rob Forbes.

The Club AGM is being held on Thursday 7th February starting at 1930, at Stourport Sports Club.  Please attend if you can.

Following the AGM there will be the usual Auction so if you have anything yo would like to auction and donate a part of the proceeds to the club bring it with you Thursday.

MLAGB Competitions

The SPRC Pistol team came bottom in all of the MLAGB Pistolfest competitions. The Pistol Captain returns home to break the awful news of their abysmal performance to his wife :


I am pleased to be able to confirm that there will be THREE “RP” Meetings at Bisley this year.

(1)    ARMY TARGET SHOOTING CLUB  13 th & 14th April, plus possibly on the 12 as well . (Note #1)


July. (Note #2)

(3)    M.L.A.G.B. SURREY BRANCH “OPEN” – 14 th & 15th September. (Note #3)

SURREY BRANCH, MLAGB will once again be running these Meetings – but would appreciate some more Volunteers  ;-)


Brassington has now got the poisoned chalice. Note #1 – See ATSC site for details: they may be adding the


Note #2 – Currently booked for Bay E, Melville alongside the NRA “GR&P”, but there may be some changes.  The MLAGB “B.P. 2019” is on the 6 th/7th and the NRA “IHAM” is on the 13th & 14th.



Note #3 -- Sadly clashing with the MLAGB “English Pistol Championships”  at Wedgnock (although the Association were advised of our requested date before their calendar was finalised and, of course, they have their own range so possibly could be more flexible) and one week after the PSUK Meeting.

It’s a pity that the Associations don’t sit down and agree an Annual Calendar where meetings which might attract the same people are kept at least 2 weeks apart (to keep ‘er indoors happy?) --  e.g., the Trafalgar Meeting is always the nearest weekend to Trafalgar Day (21st Oct.) – which is what the SLRC decided when they started the Meeting in 1986.


Each competitor has 5 cards. One card with 10 shots must be submitted each month and shot in that month starting in April to August. The top three scores judged by a club official who is not competing will have to shoot off in a head to head in September to produce a Winner, Second and Third Places. We will be limiting entries to a maximum of 20


are considering support for this competition in form of ammunition. If you have anything for the next Newsletter please send to

Safe Shooting

SPRC Newsletter Team

Pistolfest competitions........... 

UKPSA 100 Winter Postal for LBF

The UKPSA 100 LBF Winter Postal took place on Sunday 27th January. 11 Shooters and 2 Range Staff braved the cold, wet and windy conditions to shoot 13 Stages. Some great scoring and we will post the results here once all scores have been entered.


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The Offensive Weapons Bill (OWB) returns to Parliament on 7th January. Some think there has been a great victory in the removal of the proposed ban on HME firearms. It is far too early for us to be celebrating or thinking that our work is done.
The Bill still contains a proposal to ban lever release and MARS rifles, a ban that will affect almost twenty times as many rifles as the HME ban would. If this ban goes through without the most vigorous opposition possible from shooters then we will have conceded the principle of firearms being banned when there is no evidence of misuse. This will then come back and be used against us in future.
The ban on HME rifles has not been dropped; it has been postponed pending a public consultation. We already had a public consultation on the OWB and the Government completely ignored the overwhelming opposition to the ban. There is no reason to believe they will respond any differently to the next consultation.
When the ban comes back there will be no pending BREXIT to give Conservative MPs a reason to oppose any ban as a way to show their strength. There is also every possibility that there will have been a change in Government and it will be Labour proposing the next ban.
The comments from Labour during the Committee phase of the OWB are there to be read by all. They absolutely want HMEs banned along with the self-ejecting rifles and were disappointed that .22 semi automatic rifles were also not to be banned. The Conservative Home Office Minister said that even if lever release rifles were no faster to fire than lever action rifles they can be reloaded more quickly from detachable magazines, which makes them more dangerous. What else could this apply to? Semi automatic and pump action shotguns? Semi automatic .22 rifles? Straight pull rifles? Any firearms with detachable magazines? Magazines above an arbitrarily decided capacity? Long barrel revolvers and pistols?
We have seen which firearms will be the next targets of the Police from their submission to the Law Commission. They will be back for the HMEs, long barrel revolvers, semi auto shotguns and .22s once they have taken the self-ejecting rifles. They have been pushing for a ban on HME rifles since 2000 and will not stop now due to one temporary setback.
As shooters we rely on our associations to fight for us. You have the organisation and ability to reach more members than we do. It is vital that shooters, through you, oppose the ban that is still present in the OWB. Please make sure you lobby the House of Lords as much as possible. So far effort only seems to have been made for HME rifles and none for self-ejecting rifles; despite them vastly outnumbering HMEs. Yet all the reasons to oppose the HME ban apply to this ban just as well.
If all lobbying efforts fail and the Bill is passed with the ban still included then we must use the only other option available to us.
When pistols and semi automatic rifles were banned we did not have the protection of the Human Rights Act incorporating the rights from the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.
Article 1 of the Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms states, 
"Protection of property
every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. No one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and by the general principles of international law."
The Government has quite clearly failed to show how it is in the public interest to override our property rights. They have provided no evidence of risk from continued legal ownership of lever release and MARS rifles.
We must take legal action to stop this ban. The Government must be made to produce their evidence in support of it. This is where we need all our associations to work together to obtain legal advice, call for donations or crowd funding from members. Don't wait for the Bill to pass and then be on the back foot, take pro-active action to be ready before the Bill passes so that the Government knows they will have to justify their actions if they maintain this course.
If the Government should fall before this happens and we go into a general election be ready for an even worse Bill to surface afterwards.
If we don't fight for self ejecting rifles then we can expect the same treatment for other types of firearm in future whether that be .22 autos, Lee Enfields with their detachable magazines or even 3 shot semi automatic shotguns. This current ban may not affect a discipline you represent but the next one might and if this one isn't stopped there will be many more bans.
Please don't let us down. Fight with everything you have.